Boston bombings!! in a marathon


At least three dead, 144 injured as two bombs hit Boston Marathon finish line:

The final runners of the Boston Marathon were trickling in Monday afternoon when twin bombs exploded near the finish line raising alarms that terrorists might have struck again in the U.S.

But as the FBI took charge of the investigation, authorities shed no light on a motive or who may have carried out the bombings, and police said they had no suspects in custody.

The fiery twin blasts took place about 10 seconds and about 100 yards apart, felling athletes, spewing smoke and debris into the air and killing at least three people, including an eight-year-old boy.

reported by Ali Ahmed

trip to EMAL


Students of year 8 will be going to the Emirates Aluminium Factory. There they will see how aluminium is processed and then send through many more processes to become of use.

Emirates Aluminium (EMAL) is one of the largest industrial projects in the UAE outside the oil and gas industry. The USD5.7 billion project is creating jobs and new opportunities for economic diversification both internally and through downstream production. A further USD4.5 billion will be invested in Phase II of the project creating more jobs and business opportunities.

#Save our P.E- #Keep TWS


i) After a long time our class is not going for (P.E) because of a bunch of troublesome boys drumming and shouting. So we are requesting the children to stop drum and shot throughout the week and we are requesting Mr. Liaqut (H.O.S) to forgive us because it may be the last time for playing P.E in this school so please let us enjoy our days.

ii) For a couple of weeks our parents have  received an E-mail that the school is going to close in -2014- so many students of our school have made thing in the school to help in (keep TWS).


Our school prayer <3


All mighty god

We thank you for, giving us a new day.
 Shower your blessings on the ruler of this land and his family. 

On our  fellowmen our country and our school Enlighten our mind to do always what is write in thigh    sight strengthen our body, so that we can do the best in the day’s work. Forgive us if we should do wrong and grant us the courage two begin a new, teach us discipline respect for elders and concern for our fellow student especially those less fortunate than us. Protect us from danger and keep us in your loving care today and always .

                            THANK YOU DEAR GOD   =)